Noxious Weed Publications

Listed below are some excellent resource materials for weed control. Click on the photos below to see pdf versions of these publications

Noxious Weed Field Guide for Utah
2017, 4th Edition

This 109 page field guide is the fourth edition updated for 2017. It contains dozens of color photos and color maps identifying Utah's 54 state noxious weeds in their new state classification listing. To order this field guide, please visit USU Extension Publications website.


Utah Strategic Plan for Managing Noxious and Invasive Weeds

The Utah Strategic Plan for Managing Noxious and Invading Weeds was created at the Noxious Weed Summit in Provo, Utah in February 2004.

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This brochure was compiled by USU Extension. It covers the threat of saltcedar, a serious invading plant of the West.

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Poisonous Plants and Equine

Publication by Clark Israelsen, Scott McKendreck, and Clell Bagley, Extension. Covers several poisonous plants that endanger horses in Utah.

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