Weed Alert

Report a Noxious or Invading Weed

The primary purpose of this Early Detection, Rapid Response (EDRR) Noxious Weed Alert page is to enable citizens to report new, typically small, infestations of state, county or other noxious or invading weeds. There are many small, often undiscovered, infestations of harmful invasive weeds that need to be mapped and controlled. If you know of any such infestations of plants you have not noticed in an area before or that "don't look like they belong," please go to EDDMapS.org to report your weed sighting.

Reporting is very easy by downloading the EDDMapS West App from the App store to your phone. from the app, You can see all the weeds that have been reported and every weed you enter will be reported to the appropriate agency. You may also contact your local Weed Department.

EDDMapS will help you and weed control authorities stay ahead of the invasive weeds in your area. EDRR is vital to effective weed control because small patches of invading weeds are typically much easier to control than well established patches are. Thank you for your help in discovering, reporting and controlling these harmful invasive weed species.

We need phragmites data

Please share your phragmites mapping data and send it to Patti Sutton at USDA. Any GPS data points with associated patch size or a simple google map with hand drawn circles where phragmites is located and rough estimate of acres would be helpful.