Utah's Noxious Weed List

Utah lists a total of 27 weeds on the noxious weed list. Additionally these weeds are prioritized into three levels: A, B, and C.

"Class A weeds" have a relatively low population size within the State and are of highest priority being an Early Detection Rapid Response (EDRR) weed.

"Class B weeds" have a moderate population throughout the State and generally are thought to be controllable in most areas.

"Class C weeds" are found extensively in the State and are thought to be beyond control. Statewide efforts would generally be towards containment of smaller infestations.

Each county in Utah may have different priorities regarding specific State designated Noxious Weeds and therefore may reprioritize these weeds as they see fit for their own needs.

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Class A Weeds

Black Henbane Black Henbane Diffuse Knapweed Diffuse Knapweed Johnsongrass Johnsongrass Leafy Spurge Leafy Spurge
Medusahead Medusahead Oxeye Daisy Oxeye Daisy Purple Loosestrife Purple Loosestrife St. Johnsort St. Johnswort
Spotted Knapweed Spotted Knapweed Sulfur Cinquefoil Sulfur Cinquefoil Yellow Starthistle Yellow Starthistle Yellow Toadflax Yellow Toadflax


Class B Weeds

Bermudagrass Bermudagrass Dalmatian Toadflax Dalmatian Toadflax Dyer's Woad Dyer's Woad Hoary Cress (small whitetop) Hoary Cress
Musk Thistle Musk Thistle Perennial Pepperweed (tall whitetop) Perennial Pepperweed Poison Hemlock Poison Hemlock Russian Knapweed Russian Knapweed
Scotch Thistle Scotch Thistle Squarrose Knapweed Squarrose Knapweed    


Class C Weeds

Canada Thistle Canada Thistle Field Bindweed Field Bindweed Houndstongue Houndstongue Quackgrass Quackgrass
Saltcedar (Tamerix) Saltcedar      


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