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Grants Available to Members of the UWSA

Grant Opportunities

NRCS funding opportunities (WHIP, EQIP, WRP, CRP, GRP, etc) http://www.ut.nrcs.usda.gov/programs/
Contact Casey Burns Casey.Burns@ut.usda.gov for more information.

2011 Grant Forms


Newly Updated Grant Information, April 26, 2011
Applications are due by June 1, 2011

2011 UDAF Grant Letter (MS Word)
2011 GIP Application (MS Word)

US Forest Service

Grant PowerPoint by Janet Valle - USDA Forest Service
This presentation was given in Idaho but many things are useful for Utah Supervisors. This presentation has been saved in Adobe PDF format.

Newly Updated Grant Information, April 25, 2011
Applications are due by May 16, 2011

UWSA / USFS 2011 Grant Contract (MS Word)
UWSA / USFS 2011 Grant Request Forms (MS Word)
USFS Grant Scoring Criteria (MS Word)
USFS 2011 Score Card

Monthly Reimbursement Form (RTF) Reimbursement requests will be processed the first week of each new quarter. Reports and requests must be received no later than the third (3rd ) Friday of March, June, September and December for processing of your request.

Year-End Report Form (RTF)

Cost-Share Tracking

Cost Share Tracking Sheet (MS Word))
This is a tracking sheet to assist you in tracking your cost-share activities and expenses. For assistance in using this form open the Cost Share Tracking Sheet instructions. (pdf)

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